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Summer Vacations will never be the same with the beachbobber.

An anchoring system for beach and pool floats

The float at Siesta Key, FL.

Was a normal current day at Siesta Key current will move you down the beach at a good clip unless you are using a beachbobber.

How to use the beachbobber.

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Travel with the BeachBobber


Will fit into suitcase and weighs only 2.4 pounds.

Dries quickly

The nylon bag of the beachbobber dries easy and the line and anchor holds no water.

Easy to travel with

Traveling with the beachbobber is always easy. Has it's own bag, small and lightweight.

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A great way to enjoy the beach

  Hello, I'm Michael and this is my product. I am a retired firefighter and came up with this idea and I'm running with it. I make all the Beach bobbers in my garage by hand, and have the bags made in New York. So is a product made in the  U.S.A.        John 3:16

Works on most inflatables

I have been using the Beach Bobber for many years and been selling them for 4. during that time I have used them at the beach, in river rapids, and on lakes. It has worked on every float I have tried. The rod which is 28 inches and the line is 12 feet long. pool floats intex pool

Long Lasting

The Beach Bobber is made with 400 lb test monofiliment line with heavy aluminum crimps, it will last for years. I have had one in my swimming pool for going on 6 years now. The only time It has been taken out of the water is to change the float on which it's attached to. There has been no noticeable damage and still works the way it did when I first put it in the pool.  

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The Beach Bobber

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